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Launchsquad is a public relations company with clients around the world. The company, based out of San Francisco, prides itself on getting the word out about the products of its great clients.

Their office space has a contemporary aesthetic and coffee house styled inspired pieces. Their engagement with clients and their work is reflected in their office space as team members work on lounges while meeting company objectives. Combined with a playful spirit shown in its communal tables and paddle ball game space, this open air office space is visually appealing to visitors and guests.

Launched in 1999, LaunchSquad is a multi-million dollar firm that caters to numerous clients including AOL and ping. Named the Boutique PR Agency of the Year in 2009, the company has expanded its offices to Boston and New York to service more clients. Recently, the company introduced Original9Media which expands additional public relation services to a variety of clientele. The company portfolio and video highlights can be reviewed at

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  • Steve Fryer

    Looks very comfortable, open, airy and creativity-inducing!

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