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Squire Sanders Law Office

Award-winning law firm Squire Sanders has moved into a new office space in San Francisco. The location is an elegant leather and wood appointed space in the Financial District with several interesting architectural details that make the space stand apart from other law offices.

The design and construction of the space prioritizes collaboration and education with a communal kitchen area and a large theater. The kitchen, in addition to being an inviting place to talk with colleagues, features a stylish marble island table. The theater, kitchen, and other rooms in the space are tied together via distinct red accents.

Squire Sanders has received numerous awards and represents a variety of companies in a number of industries including several Fortune 500 companies like 3M, Boeing, Barclays, DuPont. For more information about the firm find them on the web at

Squire_Sanders_01_lobby Squire_Sanders_03_lobby Squire_Sanders_04_Workstations Squire_Sanders_05_Workstation Squire_Sanders_06_Office Squire_Sanders_07_Office Squire_Sanders_08_Partner Squire_Sanders_09_Elevators Squire_Sanders_10_Small-Conference Squire_Sanders_11_Boardroom Squire_Sanders_12_Boardroom Squire_Sanders_13_Staircase Squire_Sanders_14_Kitchen Squire_Sanders_15_Kitchen Squire_Sanders_16_Lounge Squire_Sanders_17_Multi-Purpose Squire_Sanders_18_Multi-Purpose Squire_Sanders_19_Multi-Purpose


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